Amazing and Exciting Guppy Color Combinations

Amazing and Exciting Guppy Color Combinations

One of the biggest reasons that individuals get into having guppies as a hobby is because they are so intrigued with the beauty of these fish where a great deal of  their beauty comes from their magnificent colors. In the guppy world the colors are categorized. These are platinum, metal, grass, mosaic, cobra, and tuxedo. Each of these color categories has the ability to make up some exceptional guppy color combinations.

When you you look at the guppies closely you will see that they have color combinations, and you will see that these are in the two segments of their body being the upper and the lower portions.

Upper guppy body coloring:

The upper body color that is probably the most dominant color that you will see in the upper section of the guppies is grey. This is nothing spectacular as you will see this shade almost in any type of pond fish.  You may see an upper color that is called blonde and in some other regions it’s referred to as golden.

For those that are classed as Tiger you will see that they have coloring that is dark along the edges of the individual scales.

While white may not seem like an exciting a color in other areas, when it comes to white in the upper part of the guppy it can be quite spectacular as it creates a beautiful contrast with the bottom color.

There are some guppies that are classed as albino because they don’t have the melanin that is needed for the coloring. Something that you may come across  that will really intrigue you is the red eye albino. When you see the red eye type this is called the albino eye. Then you may see some that have a pink color eye and this is often called the Real Red Eye Albino.

Some really unique color types is the metallic which is a deep color and can come in variations. On rare occasions you may see the metallic covering color covering the entire body. Then another very impressive looking  guppy is the platinum sparkling silver which covers a good portion of the body.

Lower guppy body color:

Lower body color is usually a contrast to the upper color. There are many different colors for the lower body that are equally exciting. Some individuals prefer the bright solid colors in the lower body while others like to see texture in the colors.

In the lower body color you may have a tux which is the guppy being black from the mid section down. In some countries it is called half black and then there are also some variations in the color of the tux.

The cobra as you may guess looks like a snake pattern with the similar colors of the snake.

Then there are the many versions of the solid tail lower colors which is your green or purple or red and black, for example. For a true solid tail the color should be solid with no variations.

The leopard has dots on the lower section similar to the grass pattern but much larger.

The grass coloring is a small collection of dots all over the tail as if it had grass seeds on it. Within this there are various color strains as well.

These are just the basics of some of the color versions that you are likely to see, and it will give you an idea as to how to pay closer attention to the coloring of the guppies that you may be purchasing for your breeding.



  1. I wonder what would happen if you were to breed the snake color with the leopard, boy I bet that would be interesting

  2. Every time I am waiting for a new batch of fry to develop I just can’t wait to see what the colors are going to be, this is just such a exciting part of having guppies

  3. My goal is to have a collection of guppies that are all basically the same color. what a challenge this is !

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