Getting Into Selective Guppy Breeding

Getting Into Selective Guppy Breeding

Once you have started out with the fish hobby and have decided on making Guppies the focal point of your interest, you are never going to cease being intrigued by them. You may want more involvement and decide to get involved in breeding them. If you do which is also a very rewarding endeavor you may want to start doing some selective breeding.
What selective breeding means is that you want to enhance specific characteristics that you feel would produce a better breed which in this case is Guppies.
So the first thing you want to do is understand the characteristics that would be important. These could be…
Long fins
Unique colors
Interesting patterns

Your next step is now to find the set of guppies that have exactly what you are looking for in these characteristics that you want to focus on. You want to be sure that both the male and female are in the same strain. This way it will strengthen the line.
You are going to find that it is easier to find what characteristics you want to strengthen in the male because they are more prominent compared to the female. However, you need to choose the right female because she will have part of the genes necessary to achieve your goal.
There is no doubt that you will eagerly be waiting for the arrival of the fry so you can see what the outcome is. You will have to give them time to develop, but don’t be surprised to see that these new arrivals have their own unique characteristics to them.  Keep in mind that there are very few strains of fish that will produce identical offspring through each generation. Then mutation can occur during the breeding process and this can also create new variations that you were not expecting.
Once you have decided to take on some selective breeding, you may want to set up a 10 gallon breeding tank to keep the breeding pair separate from the rest of the tank inhabitants. Make sure you have a sponge filter and some floating plants in place for when the fry arrive so they have a place to hide. It is a good idea to remove the male and soon as you feel is mating responsibility is completed and definitely before the fry are born. Then remove the female as soon as she has given birth. Both the male and female may have a tendency to eat the fry.
Now you are left with a tank which is housing the fry so you want to give them proper fry care and make sure you carry out frequent water changes as this is important for the vitality and health of the fry.
Finally, as soon as possible begin separating the males from the females with your fry. The new fry grow quickly and may be capable of reproducing in as little as three months. If you want to keep total control of your breeding of the guppies you have to stay really organized.


  1. Wow, I thought selective breeding would be a lot harder than this.

  2. Good to know. I didn’t realize the fry matured that fast

  3. This sounds like fun. Can’t wait to get started.

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