Guppy Food: Feeding your guppies

Guppy food: what do guppies eat?What do guppies eat? An essential part of proper guppy care is learning about guppy food and making sure that your guppies eat the right things. Eating the wrong type or the wrong amount of food can be very bad for your guppies’ health.

In this article, we look at the various types of guppy food that you can feed your fish. This not only includes classic “fish food” that you can buy at pet stores, but also additional treats that you can use to supplement your guppies’ diet.

Finally, we discuss overfeeding your fish – and how bad this can be for them! – and tell you how much guppies should eat and how often to feed them.

What is guppy food? Is it different to other fish food?

You can feed your guppies standard “fish flakes” as the foundation of their diet, though it’s always a good idea to supplement this flake food with other things, such as live or freeze-dried foods (more on this later!).

The best kind of flake food to buy for guppies would be a tropical flake food designed to enhance their color. For example:

Tetra Color Tropical Flakes


Omega One Super Color

Otherwise, different types of flake food are generally very similar to each other, and any type should be as suitable for guppies as it is for any other fish. 

Pellet fish foods are also available. However, these are often too large for guppies’ mouths. Special smaller pellets – also known as micropellets - are available for small-mouthed fishes like guppies, but we generally suggest sticking to flake foods as the foundation of a guppy diet.

What other foods can guppies eat?

While flake foods are the core guppy food, you should also feed your guppies other foods to ensure they have a healthy, varied diet. This includes vegetables, live foods and freeze-dried foods.

Popular live or freeze-dried foods include:

If you feed live food then there is a small risk of transferring disease to your fish. To avoid this, frozen and freeze-dried foods are available. They’re not quite as nutritious as live food, but they do offer many of the same benefits without the same risk of disease.

Finally, you can also feed your guppies vegetables, such as:

  • Lettuce
  • Peas
  • Cucumber

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