Guppy male to female ratio

Guppy male to female ratio

guppy male to female ratioMale guppies have a tendency to harass females. They chase them around the tank constantly and display their colors in front of the females in an attempt to mate. Unfortunately, all this attention can make the female guppy fish very stressed, which can lower their immune system and make them ill.

An important part of guppy fish care is keeping more females guppies in your tank than males. The males will then divide their attention between the females rather than chasing one female all of the time.

But how many male guppies and how many female guppies should you keep in your tank? What is the correct guppy male to female ratio?

In order to stop your female guppies from getting stressed by too much male attention, we suggest sticking to a guppy male to female ratio of 1:2. In other words, two female guppies for each male guppy.

A 1:2, male to female ratio means that each male guppy fish has two females to pursue. This allows one female to have a break while the male chases the other female!

So, when deciding how many guppy fish to keep in your tank, you should think in terms of “trios” – groups of three. You could choose to keep:

3 guppy fish: 1 male and 2 females

6 guppy fish: 2 males and 4 females.

9 guppy fish: 3 males and 6 females.

…and so on. Just make sure that you have a big enough tank!

One last thing to consider is that, unfortunately, female guppies can look a little drab! The male guppy fish are the colorful ones that looks nice in your tank, whereas females have shorter fins and are usually much less colorful. Because of this, not all fish keepers are happy sticking to a 1:2 guppy male to female ratio.

If you’re concerned about your tank not looking colorful enough then you could consider not keeping any females and just stocking your tank with colorful males. Of course, this means you won’t get any babies being born into your tank!

What’s your male to female ratio? Share it with other Guppy Fish Care readers in the comments, below.

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  1. Brittany Smith

    we just bought 4 guppies 2 male and 2 female is this an ok ratio?

  2. Daniel Pagano

    no! if you have 2 males, you should have 4 females.

  3. Brittany, if you have 2 males you will need at least 4 females otherwise your 2 females will be constantly harassed by the males.

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