Helpful Tips for Setting up the Decor in your Guppy Tank

Helpful Tips for Setting up the Decor in your Guppy Tank

Once you have decided that you are going into the hobby of guppy fish then you have some exciting work ahead of you. Your first priority is going to be in setting up a safe environment for your guppy fish. At the same time you are going to want this to look attractive especially if it is your first tank. If you are only going to maintain one tank then you probably want to have this on display in your home.For those that are going to keep guppies simply because of the the visual enjoyment they provide then these tips for setting up the decor in your guppy tank will be useful to you. If you are into the guppy hobby because your intent is to breed them, then the decor will not be as important to you. In this case you are going to need a few tanks and you are not likely going to have them on display in your home.

There are many different accessories that you can use to enhance the look of your fish tank and you can actually decide to set the theme for them based on the decor that is available to you, and to enhance the ambiance of the room of your home where the tank is going to be placed.

Those that are really focusing on the visual appeal of their guppy tanks are said to be participating in aquascaping. This is where the tank only houses a small number of fish and the real focus is placed on the visual presentation of the tank itself. For those that are using guppies as their chosen fish species in aquascaping they will choose those whose colors enhance the overall decor of the tank.

For those that are just content to have a nice looking tank for their guppies they focus on creating a natural looking environment using as many natural products as possible. These include the aquarium plants as well as the rocks and stones and other ornaments that mimic what would be found in the natural habitat of the guppy.

It can get quite expensive buying all of the decor that can be used in the aquarium so you may want to set a budget for this. Live plants can be quite expensive and you do have the alternative of going to artificial plants, however you want to be really careful as to the quality of these.

Those that you buy at your aquarium store are specifically designed for the aquarium setting. Some individuals like to go to discount stores and pick up different types of artificial foliage. The concern here is that they may contain toxins that could be detrimental to your guppies.

The one thing that you have to keep in mind when you are choosing live plants is that they have requirements as well and you must make sure that their requirements are going to be compatible with your guppies. They do help with the nitrogen cycle for the tank but they have to have a specific amount of lighting. For this reason you might want to start out with the artificial aquarium plants until you become  more familiar with maintaining guppies.

You can also look at rocks and stones and glass ornaments that are made from many different materials but again be sure that they are not going to contain any toxic components. For your fancy guppies when using these larger items they are better situated on the sides of the aquarium rather than taking up all of the space in the middle as the fancy guppy prefers to have room to move freely.

Once you have decided on the decor that you’re going to use, then how it is situated and how you set it up is going to take a little bit of planning on your part. The key here is not to overload the tank with decor but just add enough that it creates a nice healthy atmosphere for your guppies and also creates a pleasant look as a beautiful addition to your home atmosphere.


  1. I never thought about taking into account the rest of the decor in the room where i am going to put my tank. This makes sense and now I have a plan to follow when deciding what to buy for the looks of the tank.

  2. i haven’t bought my fish tank yet as i couldn’t decide what type of fish i wanted. Setting up the guppy fish tank like you talked about in your tips sounds like fun so I think this is going to be my choice

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