Important Tips for Guppy Strain Improvement

Important Tips for Guppy Strain Improvement

When you first start expanding your hobby of keeping guppies from enjoying them to breeding them, for the first little while you are going to be depending a lot on trial and error. You will definitely make a lot of mistakes, but even with these errors you are still really going to enjoy what you are participating in. These few guppy strain improvement tips will help you fine tune your efforts.

As you progress you are going to want to become more serious and more detailed about your guppy breeding activities. This means that you are going to want to fine tune your efforts. You have to go back to the roots of the guppy which is the wild male and realize that this fish at that time was not all that impressive, that it had a few color spots and was about three quarters of an inch long referring to the male. Then as time progressed and selective breeding became the way to go, eventually  guppies developed into what is now called the fancy guppy.

Developing a strain of guppies takes a substantial amount of work but improving that strain takes a lot more work. If you really want to perfect your efforts then there are a few steps that you can take to help you with your breeding efforts.

Pay attention to the first breeding stock:

It all begins with the first breeding stock that you’re going to choose. Being as your new to breeding this is where a lot of errors can be made. You really want to start with a good strain so that you can proceed quickly. You could start with an inferior pair that are not really matched well that you obtained from your local aquarium stores, but you are looking at months if not years to develop the strain to the point where you have some good breeding stock.

Focus on the age of the breeding stock:

The other thing to keep in mind is make sure when you’re purchasing your breeding pair that they are young. You don’t want to go with the older males even though you may be tempted to do so because of their big colorful tales. There are indications that there are more deformities occurring in the fry as a result of the breeding pair being older.

Be patient with your fine tuning efforts:

Although you are very anxious to have prime looking guppies that could place first in all shows, you need to be patient and make your improvements in your breeding program little by little. Part of your breeding success demands a great deal of observation. It also entails a great deal of planning and and documenting your observations.

Give the guppies room to develop:

It can be really difficult deciding which fish to keep and which to dispose of. It is highly important that you don’t crowd your fish tanks. The general consensus is that 8 to 12 guppies in a 10 gallon tank is most appropriate. By allowing them plenty of space to grow they can reach their full size and potential.

Focus on one breeding trait:

You also have to focus on what it is you are definitely going after. Are you concentrating on shape right now or are you concentrating on color ? There is no reason why you can’t to do both, but if so then look at them as two separate breeding programs.

Avoid pot luck breeding:

Don’t get into pot luck breeding where you allow all the males to breed with the females in a random fashion. Go by selection choosing only your best males and females. The other thing is is don’t use the first male that matures.

Watch the maturity of the males:

Keep an eye on the slower maturing males as it these are the ones that will probably be able to reach their full size even though their growth rate is slower

These few extra guppy strain improvement tips along with the breeding knowledge that you already have should help you to increase the productivity of your breeding program and bring you above average results even though you are new to breeding guppies.



  1. I like the way your posts are easy to understand and how we can go through the different levels of learning when it comes to guppy breeding

  2. This post has made me more enthusiastic about my breeding of guppies, thank you

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