The Basics for Guppy Water Changing

The Basics for Guppy Water Changing

If you are a beginner hobbyist when it comes to guppies then you have a lot to learn. It is important that you do learn as much as you can so you get the most enjoyment from this wonderful strain of fish. Chances are before long you will want to get into showing guppies which is a real extension of a terrific hobby. If you do then these few tips on the basics for guppy water changing will help with your efforts.

No matter whether you are just keeping your guppies for your own enjoyment or are going to take it more seriously and get into the show platform for these fish, proper care in many different aspects is highly important. You are going to have some ongoing maintenance once you have set up your aquarium for your guppies.

One of these areas that you have to be really on top of is the proper water changing. During your learning phase of guppy keeping you will have learned what the water requirements are. You must make sure that you maintain the same water standards as you go through the water changes. Even if you are not showing you want to be proud of your guppies and you want them to be totally healthy and looking their best. A great deal of success in this area is totally dependent on keeping the proper water conditions.

The changing of the water is what is going to remove all of the uneaten food and fish waste that will accumulate in the tank. There are different opinions as to how often the water should be changed and you are going to have to find what is most required for your specific tank. Tanks vary in size and it depends on the amount of guppies that are being housed in the tank that helps to dictate the amount of water changing that is needed.

The general consensus is that for optimum water quality the water should be changed by about 30% to 40% of the tank water each week. There are some breeders that are really intent on keeping their water in pristine condition and they will do water changes each day by removing 10% of the water and replacing it. There are indicators that with this way of doing it that the fry do grow much faster and bigger. Another advantage that many say with the daily water change is that it helps to level off the pH readings as well as the ammonia so there aren’t as many ups and downs with these chemicals in the water.

If you’d simply do not have the time to do a daily water change, then the other standard is that a lot of guppy breeders will change 30% of the water every five days. Leaving it for a full week is not recommended.

There are several different methods that you can utilize for changing the water and it will all depend on your setup which works best. You will also want to determine whether you want to remove all of the decor from the tank when you’re doing your water change. If you’re doing it on a daily basis then most likely because you’re only removing a small amount of water at a time you won’t need to do this. If you are doing it on the five day cycle, you may find that you need to remove some of the decor as it will not stay in place during the water change. Again, this will be up to the individual.

While you are changing your water you may want to clean the filter pads at the same time. At first you may be a little nervous with your water change because your guppies tend to be small, especially if they are fry and you don’t want to end up siphoning them along with the dirty water. If you do not have a small siphon hose to help you with this job no doubt you will be able to find kits at your local fish store.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is if you have an underground filter that this has to be cleaned properly. You will have to clean the gravel at least on a weekly basis when you do your water change. Otherwise the organic matter gets trapped in this and causes decay which can create unsafe water conditions.

Once you have set up a routine for changing the water for your guppies you will find that it’s not such a difficult task. Remember to treat the water that you are replacing in the tank appropriately so that it remains in balance. You want the same conditions as the water that you originally set up in your tank.


  1. Even though I have no intention of showing my guppies this is really good information to know as I want to keep the ones I have in good healthy condition

  2. Gosh this is good to know. I haven’t been changing my guppy water enough so it seems and this is probably why they don’t look all that healthy

  3. Thanks for the information. I was confused as to how often to change the water now I have some simple directions. Great job!

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