Tracking Guppy Sexual Maturity

Once you start tracking your new batch of fry you are going to want to watch closely the sexual maturity of your guppies so you can pick your future breeders. In most cases you will find that it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 months for them to mature at the sexual level. There will be many factors that encourage this maturity.

The temperature of the water as well as the food tank mates and the type of food that you are feeding them will all be big factors contributing to their maturity. It has been indicated that the higher the water temperature staying within the acceptable range, is the faster the guppies metabolism is functioning. The consensus is that if you give the proper amount of food for the rate that the guppy is growing at and they can consume it, then the faster the guppy will grow.

Commonly you will just add the food to the guppy tank and let them go about their feeding. You want to make extra observations here to ensure that the other fish in the tank are not intimidating the younger guppies so that they are afraid to eat.

There is a basic a timeline at that you can follow for the maturity of the guppies. From the time they are born to about one month they are considered fry. Then at the one month to two months stage they have reached a juvenile level. Then provided that the conditions have been perfect in respect to the temperature, water quality, and food, and no intimidation, the guppy should be fully matured by the middle of the third month.

You also have to consider the different genders. Commonly a male guppy is able to reproduce at the one month stage of age. So if you have matured  females that you are putting in with your one month old male then he should be able to do the job of impregnating the females. It will be different if you are introducing young males to young females, however.

The females do not sexually mature as quickly as the males and it is indicated that the female maturity arises around the three month period.

Try and differentiate between the general maturity and the sexual maturity. When you’re looking at the general maturity they are full grown and have all of their color around three month.

As you may have guessed if you are going to go in to the activity of breeding your guppies then there is going to be a demand for a lot of observation on your part. You really have to be observant as to how your guppies are changing and what all the indicators are that they are going to be prime for breeding based on their sexual maturity both for the male and the female.


  1. I do a lot of observing and taking notes about my guppies concerning their maturity but haven’t focused as much on their sexual maturity and this makes a lot of sense

  2. I really enjoy your posts because they are easy to follow and are really enthusiastic

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