What Could Possibly Be Contributing to Guppy Poisoning?

What Could Possibly Be Contributing to Guppy Poisoning?

You have spent a lot of time at developing the perfect environment for your guppies and all of a sudden they are appearing to be unhealthy, in fact, several of them are dying. You have done a great deal of research to try and determine what potential disease that they could be suffering from but you are stymied as to what is the cause. It could come down to the fact that you are dealing with guppy poisoning which could be coming from many different issues.

Food poisoning

If you are finding that what seemed to be totally healthy guppies are beginning to die there is a chance that they are being food poisoned. Not because you are feeding them bad food but because you may be overfeeding them. When the guppies become overfed and the food is left to rot it begins to ferment and decompose. This means that there is not enough aeration taking place and toxins are now being generated by the bacteria that is forming in the unconsumed food. Often what can happen is that this bacteria that has begun to grow can lead to other diseases such as fungal disease. It can be really difficult to know exactly how much to feed your fish. This is going to take a little bit of work on your time through observation. When you feed them see how much they consume in about a five minute period and then make sure you keep up with the proper tank maintenance which includes your partial water changes.

Plant decay

Most likely you have added a selection of plants to your aquarium to help provide a natural atmosphere for your guppies. What can happen in some cases is that these plants begin to rot and as they do so they begin to release compounds that can be dangerous for your guppies. The first sign that this may be taking place will come from the bad smell that the tank begins to remit. There are some guppy breeders that worry so much about the dying plants problem that they keep their tanks bare. This is going to come down to what you feel most comfortable with, however there are other guppy experts that do maintain plants within their aquarium such as water sprite. This helps them to know that the water is in good condition.

Household products

It is not uncommon for many of us to use household sprays for a variety of different reasons throughout the house. These could be aerosol air’s fresheners and different types of cleaners. The residual from these can become airborne and end up in your aquarium. If there is enough of it or if the chemicals it contains are deadly enough they could definitely have a bad effect on your guppies.

Water poisoning

Water poisoning is something that you are working at trying to prevent with the proper maintenance of your tank. Following the regime that you have set up for changing of the water is going to help eliminate the possibility of water poisoning. However, there are times that water is being used that ends up containing minerals at that can kill your guppies. The water that is taken that comes from lead pipes raises this possibility and the same can be said about the copper pipes. It is really important to have a good knowledge of the type of water and what its compounds are and its state of health when you are using it in your guppy tank.

These are just a few common factors that can cause guppy poisoning and being aware of them especially when you are not able to identify what is affecting the health of your guppy may help you to save them. Don’t forget that anything you put into the tank by way of tank decor has to be carefully scrutinized as well for potential toxin creation.



  1. I am been concentrating so much on guppy diseases that I didn’t even think about guppy poisoning. Thank you for the heads up!

  2. Wow! I am always spraying my room with air freshner and my guppy tank is right there. I really need to watch for this.

  3. i have had some guppies die on me recently and couldn’t figure out why, so maybe they suffered from poisoning as i do tend to overfeed them a lot.

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