What Fish Can Join My Guppies?

What Fish Can Join My Guppies?

It won’t be long after you have set up your guppy tank that you will want to add more fish to it. While guppies are your priority you want to be absolutely sure that whatever additions are being made to the tank they are not going to compromise the safety of your guppies. What you want to look for is a selection of community fish that have the docile nature to be able to live among your guppies in a safe and happy manner.


The size of the additions that you’re going to be adding to your tank will be important. While some have had good luck with putting the Danios in with their guppies this requires caution as some types have been known to nip at the fins of other fish. This breed of fish really needs to be in schools and they might not be the greatest choice of for your guppy tank.

Corydoras catfish:

If you want a fish that has an interesting look to it then you would be safe to go with the Corydoras catfish. This particular species has a lot of good features about them. They remain relatively small and they are peaceful, and they are easy to find at your local stores. They are also easy to breed and are known to be hardy. Which means that they don’t need any extra care or they are not going to compromise the  atmosphere that is required for your guppies.

What you want to keep in mind is that with the guppies as well as Tetris they are most happy when kept in with their own species. They are classed as a schooling fish and being among their own kind is when they are most comfortable.


No doubt the fish that you are choosing to accompany your guppies are ones that you want that are going to be a colorful and interesting as well. You can take a look at some of the Cichlids. You must choose carefully here as some of these species can be aggressive. You want to focus on the smaller ones in the different strains, and one that you might find it that is compatible is the Rams. They are normally quite peaceful and they have some a great color to them so you will definitely enjoy picking the ones that appeal to you in this regard.

The guppies are not likely to be the aggressive ones when you are introducing new species into the tank. So your worry  is on the characteristics of the fish that you are going to be introducing.

Some novices really like the look of the angelfish and feel that this would be a great addition to the tank, however this could be a big mistake as the fresh water angelfish will eat your guppies.

Then there are some fish like the Tiger barbs that will go after the fins of the guppies. What you want to do as a starting factor to help you decide is look at the size of the fish that you’re going to introduce, and if they are small enough of that they cannot consume the guppies then you may be safer. However, you really want to rely on the experts at your local aquarium shop to help you assist with choosing those species that you will know for sure are not going to upset the guppy tank.

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  1. I am glad to learn that I can add some other fish to my guppy tank, I wanted some variety so now I have some choices

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