What to Do With Extra Guppies

What to Do With Extra Guppies

extra guppiesYour first fry drop is always exciting, but what do you do when you find yourself overwhelmed with dozens of fry being born every week or two? If your community tank and breeding tank are overrun with guppies, try one of these strategies to give yourself a more manageable amount of guppies to care for.

Sell to a Local Fish Supply Store
You may have luck selling your guppies to a local pet supply store. The price you can get will depend on the guppies (fancy guppies may fetch a higher price than feeder guppies), the store itself, and the health and appearance of your guppies. In some cases, you can expect to get $1 per adult guppy.

Some pet stores won’t adopt guppies, particularly large chain stores. If you don’t have luck at the first pet store, try another one. You will probably have better luck by requesting a store credit for each fish.

Sell/Trade on Fish Forums
You can also list your guppies for sale or trade on classified sites. Try advertising your guppies for $1 a piece for pet or feeder use. You will likely get a better price by trading your guppies for something you need, such as fish food or equipment.

Trade with Local Breeders
If you have any friends who are guppy breeders, or a local forum or community, try trading your adult, juvenile, or fry guppies with local breeders who are willing to take them off your hand. You can trade for anything you like, whether it’s baby brine shrimp you can breed yourself or another fish that catches your eye.

Turn Them Into Feeders
If you have an overabundance of guppies, you can also turn them into feeder fish. You can feed guppy fry to large fish and predators like large angelfish, turtles, crayfish, tiger salamanders, and leopard cteopoma.

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